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Air Force Cross

Price £33.00

A cross, in silver, the obverse made up of a thunderbolt surmounted by another cross of aeroplane propellers, the ends of which are enscribed with the letters of the Royal Cypher, the base bar terminated with a bomb and the top bar by the Imperial Crown, with the arms conjoined by wings.

Air Force Medal EIIR

Price £28.00

Distinguished Flying Cross

Price £33.00

A cross in silver, the horizontal and base bars terminating in bombs, the upper bar in a rose.

Distinguished Service Cross

Price £28.00

A silver cross with rounded ends. The obverse bears in the centre the Royal Cypher surmounted by the Imperial Crown.

Distinguished Service Order

Price £77.50

A gold cross, overlaid in white enamel.

George Cross

Price £28.00

A plain, bordered cross in silver. The obverse of the medal bears in the centre a circular medallion depicting St. George and the Dragon surrounded by the words 'FOR GALLANTRY'.

George Medal

Price £28.00

Silver and circular in shape. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned effigy of the current reigning monarch.

Imperial Service Order

Price £23.00

Military Cross

Price £33.00

An ornamental cross in silver, with straight arms terminating in broad finals ornamented with Imperial Crowns.